Minecraft Server

This is the home of my minecraft server. We have tons of cool additions to enhance your building experience.

We have a lot of custom software to prevent your creations from being ruined by evil players. The server allows for self-protection of land.  Forgot to protect your creation? We have additional software to revert destructions on unprotected land as well.


We have lots of active players on the server. Want to do a community build, like a town? No problem! You are certain to receive plenty of help from our player base.

Is there not enough space to build? Look on the server map and you’ll be sure to find a nice, quiet area to call home. You will also be able to find lots of neat builds made by others that you can visit.

Join cmastudios.me today!


This server is a anti-grief freebuild flat creative server with lots of cool plugins.

SERVER ADDRESS: cmastudios.me

Other cool things

Show your support for the server! Vote for us on Minebook, Minestatus, MCServerStatus, and Minecraft Servers. Most of these websites allow for quick voting. Voting for the server allows us to obtain additional players for you to build with.
Banned from the server? Submit an appeal and get back to building!
What commands can I use? Use the in-game command /help to access information

101 thoughts on “Minecraft Server

  1. Hey your website is really cool! Cant believe you can get a true website when I can only get subdomains until i get a credit card :P. Anyway! Just wanted to say Hi because I like saying hi to people. 😀


    • Hey, could I get unbanned? I sent you an e-mail about it and you never replied to me. Thanks.

  2. Hey cma!!!
    As you know im new to the server and have tried to help as much as i can.
    Everyone is nice especially the staff.
    Anyways, i was wondering if it would be possible for me to become more conected with everyone here. Im the kind of person who normally fits in with the high staff and id love to try and accomplish that on this server. Im mot asking for a rank up, im asking for inside info. (if that makes sense)
    See ya on the server!!!

  3. Cma, when am i gonna se you again?
    I mat you my first day them BOOM you were never seen by me again. I have an important request involving skyland. Please try to find me sometime soon!!!
    The Mayor of Skyland

  4. Hey Cma!
    Remember me?
    I was hoping that you did. Ok, this envolvs ALL the server.
    I wanted to (temp) ban justinlogan because…
    1-He ónly cares about himself
    2-He tells that he is Co-Owner of Skyland, allways chatting when i speak about Skyland.
    3-87,7% of the server hates him.
    4-I’ve checked and he continues breaking grass all over Skyland and i told him to stop!

    -Builder Chief of Skyland and your beloved friend:

  5. cma ur server is awesome its the best server ever!!!! But i want to see u more cma. Ik u come on 1 day every week but i never see u! Jello told me u hate ur server. U should not! Its so awesome!!!!

  6. Hey cma. Well… this involves banning. I was wondering if u could (temp) ban
    xAZKxAssasin because:

    1:He cusses
    2:He says he can hack on if he’s banned
    3: He’s annoying and mean
    Thx cma! Respond id u ban him!

    • Trust me, i know xAZKxAssassin in real life. He can barely run his own computer well. He’s un-capable of hacking and he’s is not really a threat. So there is no real reason to ban him. I will alert him though of his recent swearing issue.

      Thank you,

  7. PLEASE HELP!!! I got banned for destroying honeypot blocks! *i was fixing my statue**

  8. Hey cma, last time I saw you on the server (less than a week ago), I was demoted from trusted to builder. As you were the only one on with the rank to demote me, I assume it was you who did it, but you did not tell me why. What’ve I done?


  9. Hey cma i was just wondering how u got only ur head of ur MC skin to fit in ur pics like on youtube and on here. (i subscribed to u on youtube. 🙂

  10. cma im so so so so so so sorry about what I’m doing on your server. I deserve to be demoted. I’m just wondering how I can make it up to you and get re-ranked. Please respond and tell me how I can make it up to you. Have a nice day. – Your sorry friend, ultra

  11. Cma its me justinlogan its been 1 year i didnt seen u guys i miss u really mutch Plz unban me im sorry for what i did i erned my leson im so so so so so so sorry i saw all m,y buildings in map and it makes me sad to not have fun in them -my sorry justinlogan

  12. No Problem it was my number 1 serger of my list i try to apeal a year ago but i didnt know How so yeah o remember when i made Town + minigames and is fasted250 banned e was my friend???

  13. i looked in map and my mini games were changed i saw my hockey arena with tnt on It..

    plz unban me so i can go fix them i have great memorise of cma server.. -justinlogan

  14. Hey cma! Remember me ultraMLG1108? Well… I’m really sorry to say this… but everyone hates the server because of the person u replaced AMCminer with named SUPER0JET0. He is a griefer. 😉 ban him! Also, I would LOVE to help out the server, ans I’d like to apply for moderator. As you know, I lost my email, so don’t reply via email plz. Just reply to this comment plz plz plz! Your friend, ultraMLG1108

  15. Hey cma, how did u get ur Dynmap to look at a great angle and very hi-res? On Dynmap for my server, I set deftemplatesuffix: hires , but it still isn’t very hi-res, much less at a great angle. Please tell me what to do to make it look like urs! Thanks! – ultraMLG1108

  16. bennierjellycar2 really is sick of being builder and has shown that he is capable of being trusted rank. The reason y ur sever went berserk is when u banned amc and kyky and it angered a lot of people so they felt as if they needed to let u know. but now that whole prob is done now and a your server is slowly growing with people everyday. think about it please.


  17. Do I need to be moderator or above to use Too Many Items mod?

    The grief amc created was beyond what I could of imagined him doing…

  18. Hey cma! It’s been so long! Well… I was wondering why you let me have rank Trusted on my alternate Minecraft account (BLZminer), but I’m still builder on my ultraMLG1108 account. Please answer ASAP! Best wishes, ultraMLG1108

  19. I am also wondering where I can apply for the Moderator rank, I’m not trying to rush you! I just really want to help the server out. I know you said the Moderator spots are full, but there are currently only 2 moderators (jfranz1152) and (SUPER0JET0). I just want to help the server. Best wishes, ultraMLG1108

  20. I was on the War server, and did /server creative and it brought me to this server. I WANT to get back to the war server but don’t know how, please help me.

  21. Hi cma, I would like to report someone else being the rank Admin on your creative server besides you. The player name is kugick. I think that it is okay for him to be that because he said he was helping for the war project. I just wannted to make sure. Thanks! Your friend, Ultra

  22. hay cma i got ban from your server about a year ago for griefing and i didn’t how do i get unban or can you unban me?

  23. Hey cma!! Remember me, ultraMLG1108? I was trusted on your freebuild server. I really want you to bring the server back up, I had so many good times!! I want to have those again. Please give us back the old world and plugins/ranks. Thanks!!

    – Your friend,

  24. Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that the old freebuild world and all of the stuff in it is back! You guys should join again! Still cmastudios.me .

    – ultraMLG1108

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