Video series – “Warhub Webshow”

Me and some of my friends are going to be starting up a new video series of us playing different mini games together. There will be much more than just mini games though. We plan on having discussions sometimes regarding our game server add-ons and various things that we do. Playing SMP-PvP games of War is also something we plan on doing to showcase our add-on.
We will be starting the series off by playing “MineZ” – a version of the popular post-apocalyptic zombie survival mod DayZ for Arma II. Also expect some videos showcasing changes to the War plugin version 1.8.
All videos will be posted to the TeamWar YouTube channel and some highlights may make their way onto the blog as well. I will keep you guys posted on our plans and updates.

Time available for server/plugin work

School has once again started up again for me, which means I’ll have a minimal amount of time to spend improving the Minecraft server and server plugins. However, I have a lot of time available on Labor Day weekend. I plan to use this time to work on many Minecraft-War feature requests and potentially collaborate to get the new format done with tommytony, founder of the plugin.

The main problem I am currently dealing with in War is a lot of bugs that seem to never die. These will require a significant rewrite to improve, as they are mostly ancient code from the early days of War. Nevertheless, I am committed to making War the best PVP arena experience you can possibly get in Minecraft survival multiplayer.

Post-Vacation plugin plans

I will be heading back from my final vacation of the summer tomorrow and plan to get to work on my plugins. I have a few small ones I have yet to complete the last few issues (ironball and parkour). There are a lot of issues I plan to do with Minecraft-War.
My plugin plans:

Change default options to Lennan’s liking and remove PvP.

Add levelling system and extra commands.

Simplify the plugin, removing commands and moving the players folder into a database.

Minecraft-War: (lots)
Implement new zone storage specification.
Add batch warzone block loading to prevent zone reset lag issues.
Add new fun features requested on the issue tracker.
Fix annoying war message spam and spawn issues.

How not to appeal your ban

Earlier today I received an email from a server member requesting an appeal. I sifted through some ancient log files in order to determine how to take this appeal. In the end I decided the evidence against this user was too great to just pardon the user and call it a day. I needed more information from the user. I prepared a super-long email with the appropriate log entries to explain my case to the player. In the end I got this email back:

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New plugins in the works

After playing some games created by server members in Minecraft, I decided to write some new plugins to make the games more fun and enjoyable. I am currently working on IronBall, a version of soccer for Minecraft. This plugin should serve as the fun replacement for War when it’s ready.

New versions of core software for the cmastudios server are coming out soon. This means the server will be a bit faster (notably the every ~10 minute lag spikes will be gone.) I am also getting together the world management functions so user-controlled worlds will be a reality.

The plugin “Minecraft War” was removed from the server due to lag issues. I still enjoy the plugin and help develop it. Solving the lag issues will require a lot of work, which I intend to spend over the summer.

Minecraft 1.4

Dubbed “the Pretty Scary Update”, Minecraft patch 1.4.2 was released today. This update includes a large amount of new content. Unfortunately, it did not include the Official Modding API, (thanks jeb for delaying it yet again). This means that the server will be a temporary vanilla server until the server modifications reelase a stable update.

New host!

As of September 25, cmastudios server is now hosted on a Xen VPS in Chicago! This should improve the speed of the website and the server, as the host uses an Xeon chip instead of my 5 year old Pentium. The address has not changed, just connect with `’ like normal.

Victim of an attack?

Earlier today, my entire server system froze. I was able to execute a command, but there was no output for a minute and my minecraft server would not respond. I was able to check processes, though, and noticed a ton of processes from the web server. After hard-resetting the server and waiting 20 minutes for disk errors to fix, I checked the web logs and noticed there was a ton of spam from one particular IP. I have blocked this IP address and implemented a variety of protections to prevent this sort of thing from occuring again.

Download the temporary 1.3 world now!

I promised that I would allow people to download the save used when 1.3 first came out till Bukkit released a recommended build. It became much larger than I expected it would be (156 MB). You will need a BitTorrent program to download it, because I can’t put the download directly on my site due to the size. I recommend using uTorrent (google it). Here is a magnet link to download it with: (click me) (alternate). UPDATE: I have discontinued seeding due to the fact that either no one wanted to download it or no one could connect.