Appeal Ban

Banned from my Minecraft server? No need to worry, we allow all banned players to appeal (request a pardon) for their bans on the server.

No need to freak! Sometimes bans are applied as a mistake (sorry) or from a biased moderator. We will still accept an appeal if you can show why this was a mistake.

Tips for a successful appeal:

  • Stick to the point.
  • Do not get upset with the Admin.
  • Answer all questions truthfully to the best of your ability.
  • Do not argue with uncovered evidence.

Ready to submit your appeal? Send us an email with a detailed description of what happened from your point of view and we will work with you to get you back on the server as soon as possible.

PS: Remember we are always forgiving with time. Banned a long time ago for a clear violation? We may still be willing to pardon you if you show change.