Why heuristics-based antivirus sucks

Today I attempted to download a game I wrote many years ago as a little kid to play again for a small dose of nostalgia. What do I find? Norton removed the file not because it contained a virus, but due to a “reputation” algorithm. I would never inject malicious code into my applications, however the multitude of users relying on such “Anti-virus” software would see the alert and forever remember me as a person attempting to cause harm to their computers. A simple “helpful” algorithm intended to prevent viruses leads to lost trust in applications developers and hurt feelings for game makers simply attempting to replay their past creations.

2 thoughts on “Why heuristics-based antivirus sucks

  1. That also means that new programmers who make new apps won’t be able to build their rep! From day one, their application will be deemed a virus or potential vulnerability. I think you would need to apply for a license, only more cheap profit from the company.

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