Post-Vacation plugin plans

I will be heading back from my final vacation of the summer tomorrow and plan to get to work on my plugins. I have a few small ones I have yet to complete the last few issues (ironball and parkour). There are a lot of issues I plan to do with Minecraft-War.
My plugin plans:

Change default options to Lennan’s liking and remove PvP.

Add levelling system and extra commands.

Simplify the plugin, removing commands and moving the players folder into a database.

Minecraft-War: (lots)
Implement new zone storage specification.
Add batch warzone block loading to prevent zone reset lag issues.
Add new fun features requested on the issue tracker.
Fix annoying war message spam and spawn issues.

How not to appeal your ban

Earlier today I received an email from a server member requesting an appeal. I sifted through some ancient log files in order to determine how to take this appeal. In the end I decided the evidence against this user was too great to just pardon the user and call it a day. I needed more information from the user. I prepared a super-long email with the appropriate log entries to explain my case to the player. In the end I got this email back:

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