The Warhub’s Karma Plugin – now available!

I love Warhub’s karma system! It makes ranking players so much easier! Can you please give it to me? tommytony started giving out his version of karma to players who asked this. The downside with this is that players were forced to use GroupManager, have the exact same ranks as the Warhub, and nothing was customizable. This is why I made Karma+, which you can download and view information about here.

IPv6 launch day!

Today is World IPv6 Launch Day, when many ISP’s, major websites, and device manufacturers are starting to add IPv6 support. Why is this important? With our current IP setup, ip addresses look like this: 123.45.678.9. These addresses can only store up to 4 billion addresses. We have already exceeded that limit with all our different devices. This new standard can hold significantly more addresses, up to¬†340,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (a ton). Unfortunately, my website won’t see IPv6 support too soon thanks to the fact that my ISP doesn’t have support for IPv6 yet and my current router is IPv4 only. I hope to add my AAAA record as soon as possible, though!


I’m a greybeard!

Avense197, on the Warhub server, was the kind one to gift me my 2000th’ karma point, which got me promoted to the rank of greybeard. Sadly, there is hardly a difference in permissions between moderator and greybeard -.-